My old gym teacher/coach got into a car crash… not looking to good for him 🙁  Let me tell you about him first. He was a new gym teacher at my middle school, and I always gave him a hard time. He always made us say “good game” to each other after playing. When I asked him why he said “It’s like saying good game in life… telling the person that they played good in life might help them do better, and when you don’t say it it’s like telling them they fail at life.” He is also a coach, a good one. He knew that I loved playing field hockey in gym so he would go to all of my school field hockey home games, and coach me a little on things to help me get better. I went to go visit him in the hospital, I was alone and scared to go see what critical condition really meant, there were IVs and he want awake, or even showing a sign of moving; he looked like he was very much in pain. It was just not a good site. I put the card that a group of us made down on the table. Before I left the room I turned and said “good game coach.” that’s when it hit me. There are people that can come into your life and you won’t realize that they made a big impact till they leave it. Of course I wish he was just a minute late from leaving school to miss that car, but things happen. I really wish deep down that he will get better, but I am also prepared if he doesn’t, mentally. Just being in the hospital room and seeing him like that… it’s a hard picture to forget. But forever will I say “good game” and think of him.