I was just reading on Mr. B’s blog again and I saw this saying… 

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


That’s when it hit me; I realized that the saying is right. Everyone is always ready to live but never follow through. I admit that I am like that, I am ready to just throw myself out there at any moment, when the moment comes I hide back, and I think it is just because I am scared to see what would happen. I mean I would rather live a life of crazy moments then a live of regrets. I guess it’s just like that for everyone, we always say things will change but we never act to make them, we are all just waiting for that brave person to come around and help everyone.

I am done with that, I want to be no, going to be that brave person, just throw myself out there. Dance like no one’s watching. It’s time for all of us to be ready to live; if we all were this world would be so much different, maybe even better. Who knows maybe there will be no war.

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