Of course they are!!!!!!! Come on let’s face it, if they weren’t rules we won’t break them.  Like when someone says don’t open that all you want to do is open it out of CURIOSITY . If the rules were not there we would not bother to do it because we are not curious enough. Like when a teacher says no chewing gum, you still chew it because you want to know what will happen to you, if they let you chew gum you just like knowing you have the option to do it. Like a speed limit sign, haven’t you ever wondered what it was like to break that like if it says 40 don’t you just want to go 60. If you don’t break the rules then you will never know what it was like and you might just regret it. My parents are very protecting  and I can’t do anything at all, so one day I told them me and my friend Jane were going to have a sleepover and they told me never to leave her house, when I got to Jane’s house we went out to the movies then the mall, and it was fun I felt great just to have broken one of my parents rules, of course they found out and I got in trouble; but it was fun while it lasted and now I’m not going to go on with my life wondering what would happen if I did leave the house. 
I just have one rule for everyone to follow=  why follow the rules pick the situation that would be the best story to tell your friends, before you do it think of ten people you’re going to call later to tell them about it. 🙂


I know, I’m only 13 so how can I know to love the little things? To answer that I don’t really know but I do know what I love, you know the little things that make you smile. 🙂
I love the little things like the look on a kids face when he sees Mickey Mouse for the first time, the City Lights (in pictures), the way the moon looks when there are no clouds in the sky, when your friends and you see the hottest guy in school staring at you all (and all you do is laugh like the rest of your friends), your friends and you ruin the cookies you were making so you all just eat the batter, hearing your favorite song on the radio, seeing a funny license plate, a million You-had-to-be-there moments, bursting out in laughter for no reason at all, seeing a shouting star.
Those are the things that just make my day if and when they happen. 🙂


Truly I can’t think of anymore but if you can please tell me 🙂