My old gym teacher/coach got into a car crash… not looking to good for him 🙁  Let me tell you about him first. He was a new gym teacher at my middle school, and I always gave him a hard time. He always made us say “good game” to each other after playing. When I asked him why he said “It’s like saying good game in life… telling the person that they played good in life might help them do better, and when you don’t say it it’s like telling them they fail at life.” He is also a coach, a good one. He knew that I loved playing field hockey in gym so he would go to all of my school field hockey home games, and coach me a little on things to help me get better. I went to go visit him in the hospital, I was alone and scared to go see what critical condition really meant, there were IVs and he want awake, or even showing a sign of moving; he looked like he was very much in pain. It was just not a good site. I put the card that a group of us made down on the table. Before I left the room I turned and said “good game coach.” that’s when it hit me. There are people that can come into your life and you won’t realize that they made a big impact till they leave it. Of course I wish he was just a minute late from leaving school to miss that car, but things happen. I really wish deep down that he will get better, but I am also prepared if he doesn’t, mentally. Just being in the hospital room and seeing him like that… it’s a hard picture to forget. But forever will I say “good game” and think of him.


Well it has been a while… I’m just soo busy now :/  The new things going on, are….. The play, fun pep rally, track practice every day and my solo :OOO. Yes I said solo, finally (kinda) got over my fear of singing, and now I have a solo. I’m scared out of my mind but I think I’ll do ok. I usually put something up as an advice giving… so far I’ve been thinking about what to put. Still thinking…. well while I’m thinking I guess I will talk about how waiting till the last minute to do anything is bad. Haha yet I still do that :/ . ok this is for the girls, mostly 8th grade, if an older guy says he loves you after a month of dating…. he wants something, I know I sound like a parent but it is true and you don’t want that reputation of the freshmen and the junior/senior thing… not a good one. Ok next is the boys.. THERE ARE MORE PLACES TO GO ON A DATE THEN JUST THE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on, get creative with it; it’s the thought that counts anyway.


🙂 Happy I had it in me to give advice. Well all the 8-2 students, be happy that you don’t have essays for homework. Trust me it’s not fun.

listen to this band that i love, they are called mayday parade. 🙂



Sadly it is true, middle school was great. The people that are still in it are lucky. High school is just them not caring, we learn a lesson take a half a day to review it, a speed review, then test. it’s really fun at times, 7 minutes in the hall is fun and we have to find our own bus, you middle schoolers are lucky.
If you think drama is bad there, wait till high school. Food fights are NOT fun, don’t even think about starting one in middle school, trust me the teachers are doing you a favor by stopping it. If you hate how long class is now….. You are going to die in our hour and 45 minute classes. It you think your big tests are bad, wait till midterms and finals in high school. Your teachers are NOT mean; you don’t know what mean is. If you say you didn’t get your homework so you didn’t do it…. wait till you have to teach yourself the lesson and do the homework to be ready for a quiz on it the next day. You WANT your teacher to repeat EVERYTHING now.

It’s not that bad though. You get friends that are like family to you. You get to take the classes you want to. You don’t have a homeroom to sit in for your bus to get called, you have until 2:10 to go outside and find your own bus. You are more independent. You get 7 MINUTES in between classes. You get to be part of a FOOD fight. Your friends have your back through it all.

for people going to my school… and you know who you are 🙂    my advice is…….  use your food tray as a shield during food fights, (for the girls) dove shampoo really gets rid of the mash potatoes smell, Mr. B’s project- remember what you do in his class, it helps with others to come. Mrs. D’s class-you better be nice in her class, there are VERY FEW English teachers as good and fun as her. Mr. S’s class- LET HIM REPEAT HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It helps BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. N’s class-just laugh, not many science classes do that anymore.

all I have to say is good luck to all you guys, and try to not throw out the notes you take in all your classes, you’re going to wish you didn’t later on. 🙂


p.s- be careful!!!!! facebook will be your life and the one thing that can ruin it!!!!!!!


I know that this is old but last year my dad let me meet my favorite band because of my grades, i have been putting off putting it up but that ends now. because it was a VIP backstage thing, they took the picture, but i got to get them to sign anything i wanted for free. ( as appose to waiting forever in line to pay 20$ for a CD that i already have and another 5$ for them to sign it and 10$ for the picture.) so here it is……





Ya i know they are short!!!!!!!! But i have to say that i almost fainted right there, it made my life and it was just the best thing that ever happened to me, i was in the other girls group, i just meet them that day (just in case you were wondering)


I was just reading on Mr. B’s blog again and I saw this saying… 

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


That’s when it hit me; I realized that the saying is right. Everyone is always ready to live but never follow through. I admit that I am like that, I am ready to just throw myself out there at any moment, when the moment comes I hide back, and I think it is just because I am scared to see what would happen. I mean I would rather live a life of crazy moments then a live of regrets. I guess it’s just like that for everyone, we always say things will change but we never act to make them, we are all just waiting for that brave person to come around and help everyone.

I am done with that, I want to be no, going to be that brave person, just throw myself out there. Dance like no one’s watching. It’s time for all of us to be ready to live; if we all were this world would be so much different, maybe even better. Who knows maybe there will be no war.


Ok well I just got my first high school project; I am happy and sad because projects are not fun at all. But then when the teacher said he didn’t care how we presented our project, it got me thinking to back in Mr. B’s class. I can go all out on this project. I can make an audio or a video or just a song. Well maybe not a song to sing in front of everyone but one they could hear that I recorded. When he said a slide show would be great, I thought of when Mr. B said that we could not have many words on it. The kids started to talk about putting key points on the slides and just doing all this boring stuff. Before I tell you what happens next I better tell you that the project is about Egypt, which is my specialty, we have to pick one of the 7 things that make an empire strong, and my group picked culture. Okay well after they said all the slide stuff, I said we should make a costume, they all looked at me weird, but then I said that we should make a costume of a famous pharaoh and say why they wore that and what it meant. Then they said that was great but it can’t just be about clothes, so I added food and how they ate, we should make a dinner setting of how they ate and what should be on the plates. They all thought it was a great idea and completely different, I was happy at my strange mind 🙂